CBRIC has four parts to its programs – investigate, collaborate, activate and navigate (ICAN). Projects indicated below are in varied stages. The great thing about embracing innovation in organizations is that the door is never closed for new participants that bring something new to the table. Take time to carefully read about these projects and see where your interest brings you. Click on the available links and take the time to read through them. Remember that these are here because there is something new and different about them. CBRIC is focused on innovative ideas and strategies. We do our best to explain the innovations being implemented, but mostly, it takes time and effort for people to understand them. The project information here is written and intended to benefit the people who are able to see the vision behind the projects and are self-driven to take advantage of opportunities. A majority of these projects have patentable designs and product ideas that are not yet to be made public. If you are interested to participate in one or several of these projects as a possible manufacturer, distributor, creatives, engineer, or business developer, send us a hello and some words about your interests.

RCITY: The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “reciprocity” as “the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit”, a word which perfectly summarizes what RCity (short for both “our city” and “reciprocity”) is all about. RCity is a Brantford, Ontario-based coworking environment, the first of its kind in the city. It is a shared, open place where you can grow your business while working alongside, collaborating with and learning from other professionals at a mere fraction of the cost of renting your own office space. Learn more about it at

icmINTELLIGENCE COLLABORATION: This is a major project that may last the lifetime of CBRIC, or at least until it proves to be something too big for CBRIC to handle.  The Intelligence Collaboration project is all about creating an ecosystem that utilizes and optimizes the strengths and opportunities of, for and in between the different entities in the business community.  Opportunities to participate and benefit are for consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners, business managers, investors, and employees. Visit to learn more.

emplolbcEMPLOTRENEUR: An Emplotreneur, as the name implies, is all about being an employee and an entrepreneur at the same time. Emplotreneurship considers all the advantages of being an employee versus an entrepreneur. Being an employee, you do not need to worry about building a business from the ground up. An employee does not need an investment in the company but just on himself for training and employment requirements. Visit to learn more.

me-colourMANCAVE ELEMENTS: Mancave Elements is a company that manufactures Lego-like pieces that can be used to configure and build shelves, tables, consoles, displays, bars, or any other useful contraption for a man’s garage, basement, lair, or mancave. This project needs expertise in aluminum supply, plastic supply, cabinetry manufacturing, plastic moulding, sales, marketing, distribution and investment.

sgiSMARTGROCER: SmartGrocer is an online grocery shopping and home delivery service intended to promote buy local and True Farm Fresh. This is the first company to implement the Corporations 2.0 concept which works together with the Emplotreneur Program. Essentially, it involves working with small local delivery and servicing entities all over North America. For Canada, the project also involves accessing government initiatives to help local farmers’ operations to be more sustainable and for Canadians develop healthy eating habits. There are opportunities open for delivery contractors, nutritionists, third party customer service providers, and food distribution stations across North America. Visit to learn more.

FOOD HUB CHAIN: The Food Hub Chain is essentially a movement that works with the True Farm Fresh. It is another project that supports local farm operations and also interconnects the different farm groups that produce different crops that complement one another in providing a complete nutrition regimen. The objective is that it will eventually allow complete reliability on locally sourcing 100% of household whole food requirements for the area it covers. CBRIC is the overall coordinator for this movement. The opportunity to join this movement is about being a Food Hub. Funding is available from the government to start this operation. The best candidates to participate in this effort are restaurant owners, food warehouses, catering services, or any existing food business that has the facility to receive, store, partially process, and dispatch whole food. The partner for this movement is SmartGrocer Inc. The opportunity is open to all of North America. Funding however depends on the location of the candidate food hub.

FRANCHISED NEIGHBOURHOOD DELIVERY SERVICES is a Community Delivery Network that is intended to provide delivery services to local businesses and serve as an allied service to product providers who sell online. The opportunity for this is to participate as an actual delivery franchisee or if you are in a business that can make use of a local delivery network, be a product provider. This is an Emplotreneurship opportunity. For a better idea of the concept, go to

FRANCHISED FREELANCE CUSTOMER SERVICES: This is another Emplotreneurship opportunity. This project is about developing a Customer Service Network that will take care of relationships between households and product providers that sell to households. This opportunity is best for people who wish to work from home or anywhere else but have no problem answering their phone or returning a call to service a client anytime – except in really unholy hours. For a better idea of the concept, visit

INVESTOR EDUCATION SERIES: This is a series of Learning Conferences will be requested from NACO (National Angel Capital Organization) to increase investment confidence and activity in the community. This project will be solely dependent on sponsorship and will have a separate project portfolio. CBRIC will be nothing more than a coordinating body for parties interested to be attendees, sponsors or other creative participation that can be conjured for this.

All projects featured in this list are authorized by the companies and individuals responsible for them. Other projects that are not featured here contain trade secrets and/or marketing strategies that are not to be published ahead of the time that they should be for the protection and possible marketing advantage for the project and its proprietors.